TP ( I ) Synchronous Suction Pumps

TP ( I ) Synchronous Suction Pumps

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TP type synchronous suction chemical pump:


TP type synchronous suction chemical pump series products are designed according to IS02858-75, JB/T1051-93 standards, and manufactured according to GB5656-94 standard. Single-stage and multi-stage segmented structure for horizontal and vertical installation.

Usageand performance:

The TP synchronous suction chemical pump is suitable for conveying a variety of clean or particulate-containing, neutral or corrosive, abrasive media. Widely used in petroleum, steel, electric power, chemical, chemical fiber, mining, metallurgy, paper, environmental protection, cement, and other industries.

Performance range:

flow: up to 3000m3 / h

head: up to 280m

medium temperature ≤ 90 ° C

Model meaning: TPA (B) 100-50- 32 A

TPA (B) : synchronous suction pump A series (B series)

100:  Suction diameter (mm)

50: Flow rate (m3/h)

32: Head (m)

A: Impeller cutting times


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