TP-B Synchronous Suction Pumps

TP-B Synchronous Suction Pumps

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TP-B series products principle

Turbine driven structure is designed in the structure of TP-B series synchronous suction pump. This structure combines the mechanical aerodynamics theory of turbomachinery, vacuum precipitation, jet self-priming, atmospheric injection and other technologies to instantly generate air in the suction pipe. Vacuum, the medium is introduced into the pump to ensure the rapid water discharge of the pump (and the water can be discharged according to the needs of the site).



1. TP-B series products have the characteristics of TP-A series.

2. TP-B series has high exhaust speed and high negative pressure value, which is more suitable for raising low liquid level medium with long pipeline, but it is difficult for drainage and large flow.

3. The TP-B series can be started for the first time without water.

4. After the TP-B series pump is stopped, there is no residual medium in the pump chamber, no need for heating and heat preservation. It can be used in the installation and use of non-insulated conditions in alpine regions, which not only cancels the low-level pump house, but also cancels the ground pump room.

5. After the pump is stopped in the TP-B series, there is no static erosion problem. Except for the overcurrent component, the rest is not in contact with the medium, and there is no problem of shaft wear and sheath wear.

6. TP-B series is used for conveying sewage, mud water and sauce without backwashing.


Product Usage

The two series of synchronous exhaust pump have higher adaptability and higher reliability, can meet the self-filling e-loaded pump, and meet the requirements of instant water supply at the moment of start-up. It also solves the insurmountable problems of the first and second generation self-priming pumps, submerged pumps (including long shaft submerged pumps), diving (soil) pumps, and vacuum pumping pumps. It also can replace the above products, and is widely used in petroleum, chemical, steel, electric power, metallurgy, mining, paper industry, fertilizer, urban construction, food, pharmaceutical, tap water, environmental protection, sewage treatment, wastewater treatment, water supply and drainage, ship and tank truck unloading and other industrial areas. Depending on the medium and working conditions, different hydraulic models, impeller forms and materials can be used to transport various concentrations of acid, alkali, salt and water, sewage, slurry, mixed acid impurities and volatile media.


Product Material

Pump over-flow component material selection according to the current working conditions, refer to our company's materials commonly used material selection table.

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