ZA-15 Petrochemical Process Pumps

ZA-15 Petrochemical Process Pumps

G Z A / G Z E petrochemical process pump

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Product description:

GZA/GZE type centrifugal process pump for petrochemical industry is designed and manufactured according to AP1610 specification, so the product has the following characteristics:

1.The structure is safe and reliable, and the pump operates stably.

2.High average pump efficiency andlow energy consumption are the ideal choice of energy-saving products. .

3.The cavitation performance of the pump is good, which is incomparable with other similar products. The NPSHr value of general products is about 1m. The minimum NPSHr value of many products can be as low as 0.5m, and individual products are also lower because of the NPSHr valueare low can reduce the height of installation of the actual device, and all GZA/GZE pumps can save users’investment.

4.The performance range of the pump is very wide. The flow rate Q can be up to 3000m3/h. The lift H can reach up to 230m. Moreover, the flow rate of the pump product and the airtightness between the pumps are convenient for the user to select the pump.

5.the cooling method of the bearing is air-cooled, fan-cooled, water-cooled three, according to the pump's different use temperature selection. Among them, fan cooling is particularly suitable for areas where there is a lack of water or poor water quality.

6.The degree of standardization is high and the versatility is strong. In addition to the common interchangeable parts, the impellers and bearing suspension components of the GZA/GZE series pumps can also be interchanged.

7.Selection of materials for the pump flow components, more conditions, and which materials to choose can also be determined by the user.

Our company has obtained IS09001 2000 quality system certification. The entire process of product design, manufacturing, etc. has a strict quality control system, and product quality is fully and reliably guaranteed.

Working pressure (P): Inlet and outlet flange pressure rating are 4.0MPa-5.0MPa

Application area

Performance range:

Flow rate Q=0. 5~3000m3/h Head H=4~230m

Working temperature (t): -45°C~+400°C Standard speed (n): 2950r/min and 1475r/min

This series of pumps is suitable for conveying clean or lightly polluted and slightly corrosive liquids that are not contained in solid particles. It is not suitable for conveying highly corrosive liquids. If this type of pump is required, our company's GCZ type chemical process pump can be selected. This series of pumps are mainly used in oil refining, petrochemical, chemical industry, coal processing industry, paper industry, marine industry, electricity industry, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other industries.


Type Description

G—The first letter of Guoyuan. ZA ZE is a chemical process pump model. 80—The nominal diameter of the pump outlet (m m)

200——The nominal diameter of the impeller (mm)

A—The impeller size* (the maximum diameter is type A, the first cutting is type B...and so on)

Structural Features

1.The pump is a single-stage, single-suction, and horizontal cantilever centrifugal pump (see the structure diagram)

2.The pump suction inlet is horizontally axial and the pump discharge outlet is a vertical center-up structure, which is cast together with the pump body.

3. The pump body is volute type and radial split with horizontal center support.

4.The impeller is integrally cast with a rear seal ring and balance holes for balancing the axial force of the pump. The residual axial force is supported by a pair of back-to-back angular contact ball bearings.

5.Shaft seal cavity pump and pump cover casting one, it can be installed packing seals and various mechanical seals. Optional water jackets are available on the outside of the shaft seal chamber. The installation of water-cooled jackets must be specifically required or when the temperature of the transport medium is more than 8°C and the hydrocarbon temperature exceeds 120°C,

6.The bearing housing is equipped with a single row of radial short cylindrical roller bearings and a set (two sets) of thrust ball bearings that are installed back-to-back. The oil ring is used for thin oil lubrication. Its oil level is controlled by both the oil standard (oil window) and the oil cup. The oil cup can also play an automatic role in regulating the oil level. The external surface of the bearing box is cast with heat sinks, which can be cooled by air (t<120°C). Fan cooling or water cooling (t>120°C) can also be selected. Bearings Suspension feet are added to the outside of the box to assist the stable operation of the pump.

7.It is very easy to remove the impeller, shaft, bearing, shaft seal and other parts without having to disassemble the suction pipeline and discharge pipeline when the pump is inspected. This series of pumps uses extended flexible diaphragm coupling components. For safety reasons, coupling components are also equipped with coupling covers.

8.The pump units all provide a common base with anchor bolts.

9.The inlet and outlet flanges of the pump are equipped with butt welding steel flanges, and the connection type with the device's inlet and outlet pipes are national standard (GB/T9115. 1-), Ministry of Chemical Industry standard HG20617-(American system) and HG20595- (European system), three types are selected by the users.

10.Piping system: Whether it is a sealed flushing piping system or a cooling water piping system, it is installed by the pump manufacturer according to the nature of the liquid to be delivered and the temperature.

Optional mechanical seal

Single-end balanced mechanical seals, pressurized dual mechanical seals, dual-pressure mechanical seals, and bellows mechanical seals.

The cooling water

In order for the pump to work properly, the shaft seal cavity, bearing and pump bracket must be cooled in different forms according to working conditions. The piping layout of its cooling water shall conform to the API682 specification, which is generally installed on the pump, and only the import and export joint shall be left. The minimum nominal diameter of the cooling water line is 1/2”.

The cooling water level is 0.3-0. 7m cubed /h for each branch, and the pressure is 0.2-0.3mpa.

The seal oil

The shaft seal is more pump medium and its temperature, pressure and so on. Different working conditions to choose different seal, the sealing arrangement of piping system should meet API682 specification. If the customer does not make a special request, the pump plant will be equipped.

The flushing pressure and oil volume of the seal oil are considered by the pump plant and only when external supply is required. The amount of oil sealed in each pump is shown in the following table:

The pressure of sealing oil is generally higher than that of the sealing chamber.The pressure P of GZA/GZE type pump seal cavity is generally acceptable: P=PS type: PS -- suction pressure.The coolers, filters, orifices and flows of the pipes are all attached to the factory.When the relevant contents of the API682 are changed, the process pump pipeline system also changes accordingly.The turning of the pumpThe rotation direction of the rotor part of the pump: from the original motive to the pump end, clockwise rotation.

Sealed nominal diameter(mm) 13-47 48-59 60-84 85-95 96-133
Average sealing capacity(1/s) 0. 05 0. 067 0. 10 0. 13 0. 18
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