The oil pump should make room for the liquid to flow

Release time:08-17-2018

The heat pump of the oil pump does rely on fuel, but it […]

The heat pump of the oil pump does rely on fuel, but it is not done by immersing the pump body in the oil. The general car fuel pump is a wet pump. The so-called wet pump means that the pump liquid flows through the rotor. The biggest part of the fuel pump is the motor part. The motor is not in direct contact with the outer wall. If there is no way for rapid heat transfer between the motor and the outer wall according to the net transmission, the motor temperature will be too high and burn out. .

In fact, when the oil pump is designed, it is to make room for the liquid to flow through the rotor and dissipate heat by convection to obtain better cooling effect. It is clear that the fuel flows through the rotor, that is, the fuel flows through the pump body, which ensures the heat dissipation of the pump. The simple point of expression is that as long as the amount of oil can keep the engine burning, the pump will not be burned out.

Under normal circumstances, the oil pump burns into three situations: one is because the oil pump aging itself has a problem; the second gasoline impurities cause the pump body to block, which causes the oil pump to burn; the third is that the elegant regulator is damaged, the oil pressure is over High, the pump load is increased and the oil pump is burned.

If the fuel tank bottoms out and does not cause the oil pump to burn out, then it means that the fuel can be burned to the bottom and then refueled. In fact, otherwise, first of all, the fuel tank bottoms out, who can guarantee that the gas station can be found within the distance that can be traveled. In addition, the fuel tank bottoms out. Although it will not burn the oil pump when it continues to drive, the amount of oil is too small. If the vehicle is heavily tilted, it will also affect the normal operation of the oil pump. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not wait until the oil meter light is on before you go to refuel.