The high pressure piston pump has good self-priming performance

Release time:11-01-2018

High-pressure cleaning pump is also called high-pressur […]

High-pressure cleaning pump is also called high-pressure piston pump. Its working pressure should generally be between 10MPa and 100MPa. There are two kinds of pressures commonly used in our high-pressure cleaning vehicles (the same is true for high-pressure cleaning and sewage trucks). One is 16MPa. The other is 24 MPa, which belongs to the positive displacement pump. The volume of the working chamber is periodically changed to achieve the purpose of conveying liquid. The mechanical energy of the prime mover is directly converted into the pressure energy of the liquid by the pump; the capacity of the pump is only Depending on the volume change of the working chamber and its number of changes per unit time, it is theoretically independent of the discharge pressure.

The reciprocating pump periodically changes the working chamber volume by means of the reciprocating motion of the piston in the working chamber of the liquid cylinder (or periodic elastic deformation in the working chamber by flexible elements such as diaphragms and bellows).

Structurally, the working chamber of the reciprocating pump is separated from the outside by means of a sealing device, and communicates or closes with the pipeline through the pump valve (suction valve and discharge valve). It has strong adaptability to the conveying medium. The high pressure piston pump not only has good suction performance, but also has good self-priming performance. Therefore, for most reciprocating pumps, there is usually no need to prime the pump before starting. The machine is efficient and energy efficient.