Maintenance of feed pump operation

Release time:09-08-2018

1. Officially start the feed pump and quickly operate i […]

1. Officially start the feed pump and quickly operate it at full load. The operating conditions must be greater than the minimum flow allowed by the pump of 60m3/h.

2. Check that when the inlet water temperature is 158 °C, the inlet water pressure is not less than 1.13 times the vaporization pressure, which is about 0.65 Mpa.

3. Check the water pressure and balance pressure (generally not higher than the inlet pressure 0.3Mpa).

4. Check that the oil return temperature does not exceed 70 °C. The difference between the cooling water inlet and the drainage temperature is not more than 10 °C.

5. It is necessary to strengthen the management of the feed water pump, do the operation log recording and the regular vibration measurement file. The vibration value of the rotor in the vertical direction of the pump bearing is not more than 0.06mm, the vibration value in the horizontal direction is not more than 0.08mm, and the vibration value should be checked when the vibration value exceeds the maximum range. The reason.

6. When the pump is stopped, the pump rotor should not stop suddenly. There should be an idle time of more than 60 seconds. If the rotor stops suddenly, the cause should be checked.