Questions about the startup of a desulfurization slurry circulation pump

Release time:06-05-2018

1. Before the start of the desulfurization slurry circu […]

1. Before the start of the desulfurization slurry circulation pump, carefully inspect according to regulations and confirm that the pump and motor are normal.

2, start the desulfurization slurry circulation pump, if the normal start, check the normal way.

3, if the desulfurization slurry circulation pump starts, there is current, but there is an alarm signal, the watchman needs to check from the alarm screen to see if there is a light plate alarm, and the alarm signal reports the length of the secondary value, contact the electric watchman on-site inspection switch and Comprehensive protection.

4. If the desulfurization slurry circulation pump fails to start, the on-duty watcher shall check the light-word plate alarm from the alarm screen, and report the alarm value to the sub-value length, contact the electric watchman to check the switch and comprehensive protection on the spot.

5, on-site personnel on duty to inspect the protection of the situation, the initial judgment caused the cause of the alarm.

6. If it is a long start protection, overheat warning, overload protection action alarm, reset the alarm signal, check whether the slurry circulation pump group is operating normally.

7. If it is a stall protection or overheat protection trip, check the mechanical part of the slurry circulation pump.

8. If it is negative sequence, grounding protection, and positive sequence overcurrent protection tripping, check the slurry circulation motor circuit.

9. The desulfurization slurry circulation pump motor fails to start and it is not allowed to start the second time immediately. Need to restart the motor after cold (more than 2 hours) to prevent damage to the motor.