Improve the quality of the fuel injection pump assembly

Release time:11-10-2018

The quality of the fuel injection pump assembly plays a […]

The quality of the fuel injection pump assembly plays a decisive role in the difficulty of calibration adjustment. The faults and rework caused in the verification are mostly caused by poor assembly quality.

The fuel injection pump should be disassembled on a special fixture to avoid deformation of the housing. If the vise is disassembled, you must install software such as copper on the jaws to avoid damage to the parts. The clamping location must not be on the mating or mounting surface.

Before the fuel injection pump is disassembled, the surface should be cleaned with gasoline, kerosene or diesel. It should be noted that it cannot be cleaned with alkaline water.

Some parts that require a constant position, such as a rack, a steering arm, and an adjustment screw, should be marked with the original assembly position when disassembling for proper assembly.

The entire assembly process must be kept highly clean. There should be no dust or smoke in the surrounding air, and the hands of the workbench, parts, tools, and assemblers must be clean.

When assembling, all kinds of gaskets, O-rings, oil seals, etc. are replaced.

It should be carried out in strict accordance with the assembly process sequence and technical standards, and inspected by instrument and gauge. The order of assembly should generally be carried out in the reverse order of decomposition, and many of the precautions are the same as in the case of decomposition.