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Shenyang Guoyuan Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is famous

China Industrial Impeller Pumps Manufacturers and Spiral Pumps Suppliers

,and an important branch of Shenyang Water Pump Factory (now renamed "Shengu Group"), which was named after the transformation in 2005.

The company was founded in 1988, the former Shenyang Pump Factory an important production plant and ancillary units, existing enterprises and workers more than 100 people, of whom more than 30 engineering and technical personnel, senior technical staff and management staff of 13 people.

Excellent and stable product quality

The company strictly implements procedures such as screening and inspection of raw material suppliers, incoming materials testing...

Products with high cost performance and high value

The company's superior geographical location and excellent management team reduce transportation and labor costs...

Continuous and reliable product supply

The company has ample production capacity, high control over raw material prices, quality, and stable supply...

Fast and considerate services

The company has consistently adhered to a seamless docking service, carefully created a service team consisting...


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Stainless steel self-priming sewage pump manufacturers introduce self-priming sewage pump piping design

Stainless steel self-priming sewage pump manufacturers description Self-priming sewage pump set self-priming and sewage one, both as ordinary water self-priming pump does not require the end of the valve, no irrigation water, but also pumped with large particles of solid diameter 60% of the...




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